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Historical Sites of Grand Rapids



Stephen G. Champlin
(Lot 1-0, Block 8)

Stephen G. Champlin was born in New York on July 1, 1827. He became an attorney and moved to Grand Rapids in 1853. In 1858, he was elected Kent County Prosecuting Attorney.

On May 13,1861, after the South fired on Fort Sumter, Champlin assisted in the organization of the Third Michigan Volunteer Infantry in Grand Rapids. The Third Michigan fought in several key Civil War battles, including Groverton & Fair Oaks. Champlin was a competent soldier and admired by his men. He was subsequently promoted to Brigadier General. The now General Champlin was wounded in May of 1862 at the Battle of Fair Oaks. After a short recuperation, General Champlin returned to battle only to rupture the wound. General Champlin returned to Grand Rapids and ran the local recruiting office until his death, from complications of his wound, on January 24, 1864.