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Historical Sites of Grand Rapids



William Almy Richmond
Stop #2 - Lot 14, Block 1)

    This is the family plot of William A. Richmond. William Almy Richmond was a prominent citizen in early Grand Rapids. He came to Grand Rapids in 1836 when there were only about 200 people in the village. He helped construct one of the first bridges over the Grand River and later established a street railroad in Grand Rapids (streetcars).

    His wife, Loraine, was the daughter of Deacon Abel Page. In February 1838 Loraine and her children became trapped in their log cabin by a sudden flood. As the water rose and the ice flows crashed into the cabin the family climbed to the roof of the cabin. Jacob Winsor rescued them just in time.

    This monument is fairly easy to read although mold and lichens are growing on it and in time can destroy the monument.